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Whitewater Watershed

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About The Watershed

The Whitewater Watershed (HUC 0508000308) includes approximately 159,884 acres.  The watershed lies in Dearborn and Franklin counties in Indiana, and Butler and Hamilton counties in Ohio.  The acreage in each county is as follows:  Dearborn 24,903, Franklin 87,239, Butler 20,679, and Hamilton 27,063 acres.  The majority of the watershed is rural, which is made up of farm fields, pastureland, woodland, and sporadic large lot housing developments.  Larger urbanized areas within the watershed include St. Leon, West Harrison Bright, and Harrison.  There are many other smaller rural communities located throughout the watershed.  Whitewater's headwaters start in Franklin County just south of the town Old Bath and flows southeast to Hamilton County in Ohio where it reaches its confluence with the Great Miami River.  A grant was recently awarded to create a management plan, conduct water quality monitoring, and provide environmental education opportunities to the community.  

Click here to view a map of the watershed --> WATERSHED MAP

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