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Tanners Creek 


The Tanners Creek watershed passes over more than 68,000 acres of gently rolling hills and steep ravines. The headwaters begin at the southcentral section of Franklin County and flow approximately 20 miles until they reach its confluence with the Ohio River, just south of Lawrenceburg. Ninety-nine percent of the watershed’s drainage area is located within Dearborn County with the other remaining one percent in Franklin County. The watershed is comprised mainly of cropland and forest land, together making up approximately 97% of land usage. The remaining 3% includes urban areas and water. The highest elevation in the watershed is 850 feet and is located at Perfect North Slopes in Guilford. The lowest elevation is 500 feet located throughout the watershed.


To provide leadership, education, and coordination that encourages public involvement in the conservation of all natural resources within the Tanners Creekwatershed


A healthy, productive environment in harmony with all land and water uses within the Tanners Creek watershed

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